istanbul – trabzon

9days - 8nights
برنامج سياحي في تركيا لمدة 9 أيام في اسطنبول والشمال التركي

First day

Reception at Istanbul airport and transfer to the hotel

the second day

A tour in the Sultanahmet area (Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Aya Sophia – Topkapi)

the third day

A tour of the Asian section of Istanbul

the fourth day

Sapanca excursion (Sapanca Lake – Al-Masukiya Heights and Falls)

The fifth day

Transfer to Istanbul airport, reception at Trabzon airport, and transfer to the hotel

the sixth day

A visit to Uzungöl lake

the seventh day

A tour of Haydar Nabi heights and the Chal Cave

The eighth day

Visit the historical landmarks of Trabzon

The ninth day

Transfer to the airport

– All cars in the company are Mercedes Vito
– Prices are determined according to the choice of hotels and the number of people